Hip Band Set Of 3


Comes in a set of 3 different resistance bands.

  • Improve your mobility
  • Help with muscle recovery
  • Build muscle fibers in the hips, glutes, and legs
  • Enhance endurance level
  • Tones as well as strengthen the lower body muscles
  • Suitable for beginners and advanced
  • Durable and compact – Always ready for travel!

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Hip Bands to the Rescue! 

Each hip band is of a different resistance and can help gradually warm up not only your hips and glutes, but your entire body. The thick width and quality elastic bands build-up ensure the highest form of band elasticity and stretchability.

Different strengths have different levels of stretch to them, therefore the heavier you go, the less flexible they are and you will experience more tension and resistance. The added inner non-slip latex grip strips prevent the band from riding up and down especially during vigorous workouts. Engage your core muscles as you do your best to stretch the bands. Ever so versatile, use your creativity to exercise every part of your body. Whether sitting down or standing up, the variety of exercises is endless with this stretchy Hip Band.

Constructed with a high quality cotton blend and premium grade materials to withstand even the toughest workout! Strengthen muscles like never before without the use of weights. You might even discover muscles you never knew you had!

Want something more hardcore? Try the Suspension Trainer, we dare you.

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Additional information

What You Get

A set of 3 different resistant bands.
Light – 1 unit , Medium – 1 unit, Heavy – 1 unit

Resistance Level - Light

Size : 33 x 8 cm

Resistance Level - Medium

Size : 38 x 8 cm

Resistance Level - Heavy

43 x 8 cm


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